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Welcome to Versatile Products

Versatile Products II specializes in designing eddy current part inspection solutions utilizing non-contact probes.

Our non-contact probes are used in many different machining, stamping and assembly operations of metal parts. Our systems are designed for 100% inspection of machined details like internal and external threads, splines, gear teeth, grooves, keyways, etc. Our non-contact probes can also detect the presence of components like nuts, washers, bushings, etc.

Versatile Products

The Thread Chek 2000 is a modular electronics package that is the heart of our non-contact probe systems.

The system is very easy to set up and use. The Thread Chek 2000 was originally marketed as a non-contact thread detection system but is capable of detecting various machined details, cracks, porosity, differences in hardness and part presence.


Versatile Products

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